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To protect your property from rain, wind and snow, you'll need a durable roof. RA General Services LLC offers high-quality roof repair, installation and replacement services for homeowners and contractors in the Danbury, CT area. You can count on us to handle everything, from completing your roof inspection to working with your insurance.

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Learn about the benefits of different roofing materials

Learn about the benefits of different roofing materials

Before you get a roof replacement, make sure you're informed about all your options. Check out the benefits of our different roofing materials:

  • TPO roofing - 26-year life span | cost-effective | fast installation
  • Metal roofing - 55-year life span | fire-resistant | energy-efficient
  • EPDM roofing - 28-year life span | environmentally friendly | low-maintenance
  • Asphalt shingle roofing - 18-year life span | versatile color options | easy to repair

Trust our team to help you find a roof material and design that complements your property's style.

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